Education, Research, and Speaking


Incoming Fulbright Program scholar (2017-2018) for a Communications research grant in Singapore.



I delivered the above talk at Westminster College in Missouri. The virality of the video (2.5m + views) has led to the formation of partnerships with people and organizations from around the world. 


Summer Partnership with USC Annenberg Innovation Lab

In the summer of 2015, I worked with the Annenberg Lab to research communication strategies as they relate to the future of innovation. I delivered multiple talks and created a series of videos for the Annenberg website on what the future of innovation looks like. 



Co-Founder and President of MIXED student coalition at Northwestern

At Northwestern University, I co-founded and served as President of MIXED, Northwestern's first ever Mixed Race Student Coalition. Through academic and social events, discussions, and internal support, we created a community of students united in their differences. 


Edovo Jail Education Solutions Users make BIG TALK

I worked with Edovo, Jail Education Solutions startup to create a Big Talk self development and communications course for inmates. Read about it at Edovo's website.