Education, Research, and Speaking

U.S. Fulbright Program Research Scholar (2017-2018) in Singapore for the research project "How to Bridge East-West Communications through BIG TALK." Based at the National University of Singapore's School of New Media and Communications. My research aim is to build a BIG TALK system that helps to bridge communication gaps and encourage empathy in various intercultural and interpersonal situations. 

 9/8/17 Delivering a Seminar at NUS (National University of Singapore's School of New Media and Communications) 

9/8/17 Delivering a Seminar at NUS (National University of Singapore's School of New Media and Communications) 



I delivered the above talk at Westminster College in Missouri. The virality of the video (4.5m + views) has led to the formation of partnerships with people and organizations from around the world. Past Speaking Engagements include delivering talks at the PPIS Malay Muslim Women's International Women's Day Event, US Embassy Exchange Dinner, SoGal Ladies Entrepreneurship Summit, USC Annenberg Innovation Lab, and the Thiel Foundation Summit.

Other Researcher / Education Work:

Summer Partnership with USC Annenberg Innovation Lab

In the summer of 2015, I worked with the Annenberg Lab to research communication strategies as they relate to the future of innovation. I delivered multiple talks and created a series of videos for the Annenberg website on what the future of innovation looks like. 



Co-Founder and President of MIXED student coalition at Northwestern

At Northwestern University, I co-founded and served as President of MIXED, Northwestern's first ever Mixed Race Student Coalition. Through academic and social events, discussions, and internal support, we created a community of students united in their differences. 


Edovo Jail Education Solutions Users make BIG TALK

I worked with Edovo, Jail Education Solutions startup to create a Big Talk self development and communications course for inmates. Read about it at Edovo's website. 



Researcher at the Delta Lab Northwestern (2015)

Breaking Boundaries focuses on exploring novel interactions and connecting people in unusual and unexpected ways.